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                                SERVICES                      FEES                                                     

       Short visit (15 minutes), some restrictions may apply$10.00 - Pocket pets, reptiles, shy cat care etc.

                                                Total care visit - 30 minutes - $12.00

                                                      Total care visit - 1 hour - $22.00

                                                  Dog walking - 30 minutes - $12.00
                                                                  Livestock Care - $12.00 for half-hour $22.00 for an hour.

                                 Vacation visits for pets and livestock - $22.00 for two visits a day, $30.00 for three.
                                                                          Extra Pets - No charge unless walking more than 3 dogs ($5.00 more)

                                                                           Overnight - $40.00 for one night, $35.00 for multiple nights.

                                                                      Holiday Fees - No extra charge, but book early; tends to fill fast.

                                                                     Cancellations No charge unless I show up due to no notice, then $10.00.

                                                             Home touch extras - No Charge (includes checking mail, watering plants).

                                                                               Key fee - No charge unless I make one for you, then $5.00.

                                                          Return check charge - Per bank fee, usually $25.00.
  1. Buddy Visit
    Pet Visits include giving your dogs an outdoor yard break and/or walk. They also include playing and companionship, as well as cleaning of pet areas. Food, treats, dietary supplements and medications are given as instructed. Average visit is 30 minutes, but arrangements may be made for visits that work with your schedule and/or budget. No additional charge for extra dogs or cats. 30-minute pet visit - $12.00
  2. Dog Walking
    I will walk dogs while you are at work, if you just need a break or are on vacation. Your dogs will get exercise, companionship and time to be outside when you need to be away or are not able to physically take them out. Walks are available for half hour or full hour during morning, midday (unless it's too hot for their pads) and evening. No extra charge for an additional dog (up to 3) if they are walked together. 30 minutes - $12.00 1 hour - $22.00
  3. Vacation visits
    I will visit up to four times a day, for multiple days, while you are away to give your pets consistent companionship and attention. Watering plants, taking out the garbage, cleaning up after pets and feeding your pets per your instructions are all included in visits. Walks during the visits are available at no extra charge. Average visit is for 30 minutes. Two visits a day - $22.00 a day. Three visits a day - $30.00 a day. Four visits a day - $35.00 a day Overnight stays at your home - $40.00 a day; $35.00 a day for multiple nights.
  4. Kitty visits
    During this visit I will feed your cat(s), clean and refill their water bowls, clean litter boxes and surrounding areas as well as give lots of affection. I have interactive toys to keep your kitty entertained and exercised. 30 minute visit - $12.00
  5. Livestock Care
    5I have extensive experience caring for horses, cattle, goats, pigs, rabbits, chickens and other fowl. I will feed, (including any supplements) and clean stalls. For horses, I can also brush, put on/ take off blankets & fly masks, spray with fly spray, clean hooves, and turn in / out, per instruction. I feel it is important to look over the animals during each visit for scrapes, bites etc. Livestock Visits - $15.00 for 30 minutes (once a day) Two visits a day - $22.00 a day.
  6. Senior pet care
    Due to aging, many senior pets require special care. Hearing and vision may be poor, I am sure to approach your pet without startling them. Arthritis can make getting up and walking difficult. I will assist your pet as needed. Incontinence issues, cognitive dysfunction, medication and special diets may be a part of your pets aging process. I am always patient with any pet and habitually supply plenty of tender loving care. 30-minute pet visit - $12.00
  7. Need help with a menagerie of pets?
    Just ask. I can create an individual plan for people with multiple types of pets. If you have horses on your property and need help with the dog, cats and chickens too, I will include the care of your other pets for a minimal fee. Depending on the services needed, I will customize the care to be sure every one of your pets get all the attention they deserve.
  8. Complementary initial consultation
    I will meet with you and your pet(s to complete paperwork, transfer keys, receive detailed instructions on the care of your pets and location of items needed during my visits. This appointment usually takes 30 minutes at no charge.